Real Life Super Heroes In Britain And Australia

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It’s not just the streets of Seattle overflowing with Real Life Superheroes. The Sun is reporting on sixteen patrolling the streets of Britain.

They have names such as Vague, Swift, Black Arrow, Lionheart and Terrorvision. But researcher Tea Krulos said many more operated in the shadows. He said: “Britain has more amateur superheroes than you’d guess.”

American author Krolos tells the paper;

“In Britain it is a very secretive underground society. They do all they can to avoid publicity and communicate online. Whole forums are set up and often they operate in groups. I have spoken extensively to The Statesman, and he takes what he does very seriously.”

“These are normal people wanting adventure and to improve communities. They achieve more than you’d think.”

While Australia seems to have its first. Captain Australia, a middle-aged father of two, patrolling the streets of Brisbane.

“During one patrol, I stopped two sexual predators from taking advantage of a very drunk woman at a taxi rank,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I was unsure of my ability to conduct a citizen’s arrest and the two predators ran away before the police arrived. But I was able to prevent a near-certain sexual assault.”

The police response?

‘We would prefer that Captain Australia didn’t intervene in incidents as we are unsure of the extent of his superpowers,” she said.

Police showing an actual sens of humour over this? Blimey that’s a first…

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