There’s One Heck Of A Catch With The Red Riding Hood Novelization

Should you wish to purchase and read Sarah Blakeley-Cartwright’s novelization of Catherine Hardwicke’s film of David Leslie Johnson’s screenplay based upon The Brothers Grimm’s recounting of the Red Riding Hood fairytale, then I feel I should at least give you a word of warning.

The novel doesn’t include the end of the story, but instead ends with a web address and tells you to visit it after the film has been released if you want to read the last set of pages.

All this because they don’t want you to know Red Riding herself is the wolf, eh?*

Shock Till You Drop spoke to the owner of a bookstore where the novel is on sale and heard that complaints were already forthcoming. They also pointed to the book’s Amazon page, where negative reviews are amassing.

So, is this a reasonable measure to prevent the film from being spoiled for all? Or a nasty trick that, at the very least, should be made obvious by a sticker on the book’s cover and a friendly warning from the checkout staff?

Red Riding Hood is just two weeks away from it’s US release and the online-release of the novel’s conclusion. I bet this “twist reveal” has a thousand times as many readers now than it ever would have before.

*Is this a real spoiler? Am I just making a stab in the dark? Visit after the film is released and I’ll tell you.