Patrick Lussier Tells Bleeding Cool About His Hellraiser And Pinhead

Last night, I had a good chat with Patrick Lussier, director of today’s big release, Drive Angry 3D, and later today, I’ll be sharing everything he told me. For now, though, I want to tell you what I learned when our conversation turned to his upcoming Hellraiser movie.

Here’s Patrick:

Todd Farmer and I are actually just fleshing out the whole story, no pun intended, right now. We’re going through, mapping out the story and the odyssey that takes place in the film. At the same time we’re doing some artwork and things to support that. As that story is built, then the script will get fully underway.

It seems obvious to us that Hellraiser be in 3D but it isn’t something that we’ve determined completely yet. It’s something we want to talk about at the moment we get to doing all the make-up tests and the character design, and making that the 3D is something complimentary to all that and not distracting.

In a way… Pinhead is a main character, but it’s all about definition. He has relatively very little screen time in the first film… probably the real answer to your question “Does Pinhead have a lot of screentime in this movie and is he an important character?” is “Yes and No” and it’s all in how you view it. I’m trying to be suitably cryptic… though I will tell you, one of the first images you see is somebody with pins all over them.

Later: Patrick on editing 3D, working with Bob Weinstein, writing with Todd Farmer, his other upcoming pictures, misdirection in the Scream movies, and Drive Angry 3D. He’s full of good stuff, so stay tuned.