Brett Ratner Pledges A Youngblood Audition To Wrestler Shad Gaspard

It’s still an if, more than a when, but Brett Ratner is planning to bring Rob Liefield’s Youngblood to the silver screen. Should that time finally rock around, he’s even started filling up in audition dance card in preparation…. or maybe he’s just being polite.

The scene played out on Twitter, an exchange between Ratner and Shad Gaspard, sometime WWE wrestler and current member of the Japanese IGF wrestling league.

@Shadbeast: LOL I guess a lot of you agree i should hit up @BrettRatner and show him to see if i could play Chapel.

@Shadbeast: i doubt @BrettRatner would respond guy’s but i’ll try :-)

@BrettRatner: I’m here what’s up?

@BrettRatner: I will get you an audition when Youngblood is ready!

@Shadbeast: Really! wow thats some cool stuff thank you, just let me know when and where and i’ll be there overly prepared. You can hit meup on here or call my agent Rick Bassmen of CESD. Man thanks agene Brett I really appreciate this opportunity. Thank you

And that brings us to 8 hours ago.

Here’s the image that Gaspard wanted Ratner to see:

What a sweet Twitter fairy tale – sigh! Could this be the modern day equivalent of Lana Turner at the Top Hat Cafe?

No. Probably not.