Non-Swipe File: Stan Lee Vs ImagiNation Sports

Yesterday, the comics internet woke up to a series of images sent under the headline “Stan Lee Lies” from a junk gmail account called Truth Teller. This was spammed to most comic websites, and news organisations worldwide.

The articles below allege that the current Guardian NHL project, in which a series of superheroes are created, each embodying a NHL team and supposely created by Stan Lee, is a ripoff of a previous concept, called 3010 created by ImagiNation Sports for baseball leagues, that found less favour among licensors. The allegation is that character designs were stolen and strategic marketing plans were copied. And Stan Lee is in the middle of it all. Read the conspiracy theory in full;

Fascinating but… it’s balls isn’t it? Only one character they have found with similarities, has hardly any at all, save for being in armour. Burrowing and causing earthquakes is not the same thing. And what about the other 29?

And choosing blue as a colour scheme? Seriously, I’m not buying it.

There are many allegations that have been put to Stan Lee over the years that have never been satisfactorily answered. But this? This is balls.



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