Marion Cotillard’s Reps Confirm She’s In Talks For Batman, Reveal Ancillary Details

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool:

There probably isn’t a more anticipated movie coming along than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Though it’s still quite a ways off, fanboys of the previous two Batman movies have their eyes fixed on it, wondering and discussing how Nolan is going to pull off a sequel to what many consider to be the greatest superhero movie of all time. It’s so hotly anticipated, in fact, that even the tiniest bit of news is regarded as something worth talking about.

Editor’s note: And this justifies two Dark Knight/Cotillard stories in less than 24 hours? Okay. Let’s read on…

The Hollywood Reporter run a story today that confirms yesterday’s report that Marion Cotillard may again be teaming up with her Inception director for the newest Batman film. “May” is the key word there, as her rep admits they are in talks, but that “nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Cotillard is pregnant at the moment with a due date sometime in the spring, but if she were indeed to accept the role, she would be filming all summer. According to THR her schedule would run like this:

Shooting mid-June in London, film all summer in L.A. and Pittsburgh and wrap mid-November in New York.

This long schedule raises the question of who exactly she would be playing. With such a wide shooting schedule, it must be somebody important. THR speculates it could be the daughter of Liam Neeson’s character in Batman Begins. Their guess is as good as mine.