Wolverine’s X-Men And Cyclops’ X-Men For 2012?

I have been led to understand by a reputable comics source certain details about the future direction of the X-Men books, post-Fear Itself, possibly towards the end of the year, but definitely into the next.

Understand, that is this is as a result of a recent X-summit, but also that these are plans many months away from completion and the details are bound to change. It may indicate a certain direction to look out for, however.

I’m told the members of the X-Men are planned  split into two very distinct teams and books, each with a different moral outlook, aligning along the traditional Xavier/Magneto divide. Scott Summers, Cyclops, will lead the Xavier-minded team, while the Magneto-motivated will be led by… Wolverine!

Jason Aaron will be writing a four issue extra-sized mini about Wolverine’s X-Men, with a different celebrity comics artist on each issue. Marc Silvestri is down for one and McNiven is another.

And look for companion mini-series focused on the setup of Scott’s X-Men, potentially to be written by current Uncanny X-Men writer Kieron Gillen.

And of course, Wolverine will stay in X-Force… and Avengers… and Moon Knight… and Wolverine… and…

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