VIDEO TRAILERS – Heavy Metal Comic Coming To TV With The Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Development is underway on a Metal Hurlant (aka Heavy Metal) TV series, and there’s already a completed pilot episode adapting Red Light and Cold Hard Facts for the screen. The trailer for each can story be found below.

This pilot was produced by We Productions, who Variety tell us are teaming up with the publishing house United Humanoids to produce the series. Thanks to a handy bit of Mipcom wrangling, the show has already been sold into more than 20 territories, and negotiations for a US distributor are ongoing.

Each half-hour episode is to be shot in both English and French, so expect to see dialogue to take place in separate and distinct shots from tricky or dangerous stunts.

The show’s first stretch of 12 episodes is to be finished shortly after the end of the year, so I hope we’ll see it (somehow) in the first few months of 2012.,

From the Variety report, it seems as though every last episode is to be directed by Guillaume Lubrano. Judge his work in the two trailers below. I suspect you’ll be pleased with what you see.



You may recognise parkour expert David Belle in the Red Light trailer there. I’d watch him read kick-jump off of the phone book, so I’m very keen to see the episode in full.