Original Tron Finally Confirmed For Standalone Blu-Ray Release, Nostalgics Sigh With Relief

Oh, rumours, how I love you. Most of the time you amount to nothing, but sometimes, you’re bang on, and you’re always fun while you last.

The rumours surrounding the release of Tron, the original and best, on to Blu-ray have been particularly entertaining. Let’s compile them all into one handy, dubious narrative:

Tron was ready for Blu-ray release last year but after a screening to fanboy-type geek-bloggers in an ill-equipped screening room at Disney Land, where the film was met with disbelief and a little bit of derision, it was pulled from the schedule. The idea here was to prevent it damaging Tron: Legacy‘s chances at the box-office. Disney were apparently looking to help a sequel perform better by actively surpressing the original film in the series.

Then, as it got close to the time that Tron: Legacy would be getting a Blu-ray release, word went round that a special edition would contain the original Tron in the box. Of course, there would never ever be any other way to get Tron, because Disney want your blood, your first born, and you to buy Tron: Legacy at any cost. It’s that important to them.

Snap forward to today, and the original Tron on Blu-ray is available for pre-order on Amazon. Much rejoicing will be heard throughout the land – this is the Tron equivalent of getting the original Star Wars films without having to pay more for the prequels and then leaving those forever in the box. Almost. Ish.

(Incidentally, it looks like you will get Tron and Tron: Legacy as a coupled set in the UK, but the price is consistent with a single film anyhow, so does it matter?)

Now, about that narrative above. I’m not saying none of those rumours were true, I’m just saying don’t forget the Bleeding Cool disclaimer:

This site is full of news, gossip and rumour. You are invited to use your discretion and intelligence when discerning which is which. BleedingCool.com cannot be held responsible for falling educational standards. Bleeding Cool is neither fair nor balanced, but it is quite fun.