Why Captain America Is Instantly A Contender For Next Year’s Best Original Song Oscar – MINI-UPDATED

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At some point during this year’s Oscar ceremony, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will take to the stage, join with composer Alan Menken and belt out the Best Song nominee, I See The Light from Tangled. They’ll probably dress up a little, let off some glowing paper lanterns, and it will be oh-so-very.

Could a similar scene be repeated next year, keeping Alan Menken but swapping Mandy Moore and Chuck for Chris Evans, bouncing about in his Captain America costume while giving us a tune? Well… apparently so.

We already knew that Cap would be shown in his role as a USO entertainer in the film, and that this would go some way to explaining his absurd and colourful suit. Now, Bad Ass Digest are reporting that the film will feature an original song, very possibly written by Menken, and expected to appear in these sequences.

With eight Oscar wins already under his belt, this guy’s as sure a thing in Best Original Song as you could hope for, so if Menken is doing more than just producing this tune, I’d wager that Cap is as good as booked in for next year’s ceremony already.

This seems to be another great case of cross-pollination in the Disney family, like when the Pixar brain trust gave their story notes on The Muppets. There’s a lot of talent under the Mouse’s umbrella and it only makes sense to leverage it.

Mini-Update: Because you wanted it.

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