Scott Lobdell To Take A Title At DC Comics

He wrote some of the best selling issues of X-Men, ever, under group editor Bob Harras. They sold seven figures, some of them. These days they don’t even sell six. Figures that is.

He also wrote some of the more mocked issues. (Not the most-most-mocked issues though.)

He also wrote a parody of Watchmen that went head to head with my own.

His name is Scott Lobdell.

It’s only been a few months since Bob Harras became editor-in-chief of DC Comics. And I understand that Scott will be taking over a major title at DC Comics.

Of course, I found this out before the current writer of that title had been told. So let’s leave it that way for now.

Since Joe Quesada became editor-in-chief and Grant Morrison took over X-Men, his work fell out of favour at Marvel, and his star faded a tad.

And now he’s back with Bob. Scott’s writing compatriot at the time, Fabian Nicieza is already ensconsed on the DC Batbooks. Anyone seen Howard Mackie?

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