Will Britain Spoil Fantastic Four #587 First?

Shops who receive their comics this Tuesday for sale on Wednesday have been informed they are able to sell their bagged copies of Fantastic Four #587, the FF mystery death issue, as soon as they receive them, so as to mimimise spoilage for their customers. They won’t be able to sell the other Fantastic Four issues due that day however.

This means it is likely that a New York newspaper will be running a death reveal story on the Tuesday, as they have previously with similarly spoilable “event” comic.s

Of course one major spoilerage risk is from Britain, who will likely receive their Tuesday comics hours before the East Coast American stores. So to protect yourself from spoilers…

Don’t buy the New York Post on Tuesday.

Don’t go on Twitter or Facebook.

Don’t read any e-mail or message coming from a British person.

Do go on Bleeding Cool, we will hide any spoilers, but don’t read the comments.

Do buy the comic on Tuesday. Try reading it without looking at the cover first, just in case you’ve got the spoiler cover variant by accident. Open the bag with a blindfold on, basically.

Of course the other danger is the pre-publication spoiler. I heard from one industry source that the spoiler cover of the comic was online somewhere but a cursory search of Twitter and 4Chan doesn’t seem to reveal anything…

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