The Secret Seven – Flashpoint Renames The Secret Six, And Brings On George Perez

The other day, Bleeding Cool ran the unofficial story that DC was to rename a large number of titles to reflect the new/alternate reality/timeline as seen in the Flashpoint crossover.

On Facebook, picked up by the BC Comic Chron computer this morning, George Perez is quoted on his Fan Page as saying;

“Then I’m set to draw a mini-series called THE SECRET SEVEN”

I understand this is The Secret Six, renamed for Flashpoint. It is probably not too much to assume that it will be written by Secret Six‘s writer Gail Simone, who enjoyed her Wonder Woman story with George Perez very much indeed.

Expect a lot of DC titles to fall in step… any more suggestions as to what they may become?

And hope Enid Blyton’s estate’s lawyers aren’t reading…

UPDATE: Yes, it could be the JLA. Good point

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