Julian Assange To Be The Subject Of Big Screen Thriller

In the midst of our recent Wikileaks media hysteria, there were two pieces of news on Julian Assange that I considered inevitable: one, that he’d taken a nasty “accidental” fall down the stairs and out of a window, probably into a pack of radioactive rotweillers; and two, that a biopic of some kind would be coming to our silver screens.

Thankfully, it’s the second bit of news that came along tonight. According to Variety:

Josephson Entertainment and Michelle Krumm Prods. have jointly optioned feature rights to Australian reporter Andrew Fowler’s upcoming biography The Most Dangerous Man in the World. The tome, to be published later this year by Melbourne University Publishing Ltd., is an in depth look at Assange from his childhood to current day.

And yet the producers are touting the film as a thriller. Was Assange raised in the wild by a survivalist or something? This story would be better served in the form of a straight drama, with no efforts made to shoehorn in superfluous thrills. You can’t turn an Assange biopic into Green Zone without a severe loss of credibility.

Taxi! Taxi for Paul Greengrass!