The Staff Of SCARCE At Angoulême

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Bonjour à tous!

Angoulême is the largest comic book convention in the world, held in France. SCARCE is a French magazine, running quarterly since 1983 focusing on American comics, available through subcriptions (7€ per issue, 25€ for 4 issues, shipped worldwide).

Xavier Lancel is the current editor-in-chief and he will be providing Bleeding Cool with a look at the 38th festival and running commentary from the SCARCE crew at the show.

Who are you?

Xavier Lancel, 37 years old,  writer for SCARCE since 1999, its editor-in-chief since 2008

Is it your first trip to France, to the Angouleme Festival?

Nope. 6th-7th time I suppose?

What do you expect from it?

To make a good amount a money to keep Scarce running. To meet lots of people and let them know Scarce is alive. That the US creators staying with us will have a blast and enjoy their trip.

Are you ready? Any specific fear about it?

1st rule of angouleme: no matter how many days before you plan it, you’re NEVER ready. I have only 7 days left and 100 things to do.

Do you speak french?

Duh. I am totaly amazed by the numbers of US creators I meet which are fluent in french: Mike Carey, David Ziggy Greene, Tim Fish.  Even french people don’t speak french well, so do not be hard on yourself!

A special request?

Yes. We are preparing a SCARCE issue almost totally devoted to Ernie Colon. Any creator willing to make a comment on Ernie can contact me at

Here are the covers of our 2010 issues.

Issue 74 covers by Cyrille Munaro (left) and Yuko Shimizu (right).

Issue 75 covers by Frédéric Levert (left) and Thierry Martin (right)

Issue 76 covers by Patrick Inglebert (left) and Frédéric Grivaud (right)

And manager and translator, Jeff.

Who are you?

Hey, I’m Jeff and I’m from Paris.

I’m just your regular comic book geek. Unlike the other people in the gang,

I’m not talented in anything except spend money I suppose.
Strangely enough, my primary love is comic books. I like all sorts of comics ranging from X-men, Batman, Green Lantern to Fables, Hellblazer, Rule Britannia etc…

And of course, I’m not averse to reading European Bandes Dessinées or Manga.

For those of you making a stop in Paris before or after Angoulême, take some time to visit the show dedicated to Moebius at the Fondation Cartier for contemporary arts. It’s just amazing! ()

Is it your first trip to France, to the Angouleme Festival?

No dummy, I’m French (even if it‘s by way of Thailand)! ^^

I also lived a few years in Great Britain (England and Wales to be more specific).
It must be the fourth time I’m attending the Angoulême International Comics Festival (Abby and Tim were kind enough to feature me in some of their earlier adventures in Angoulême).

What do you expect from it?

Fun, fun, fun. Looaaads of fun.

Every time I’ve been to Angoulême, it’s been a blast. I met some wonderful people and it’s always been an intense 4 day experience.

The town turns into this huge melting pot of comics book fanatics. It caters to every taste : European bandes dessinées, US comics, Japanese Manga etc… And you’ve got so many places to visit, exhibitions and conferences to attend!

It’s a great opportunity to stalk your favourite artists, meet new ones, get some sketches and buy a helluva lot of goodies.

Are you ready? Any specific fear about it?

Yup. I’m ready, willing and sooo excited. Oh! and I get to spend time with my American friends (love you guys ♥), get drunk and sample some good French food.

Do you speak French?

Yes dear, I’m a Parisian. My French is better than yours. :p

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