Alien Prequel Not An Alien Prequel Anymore But Prometheus, Rapace Cast, Jolie And Theron Under Consideration

So, that Alien prequel we’ve been talking about for so long now? Seems it isn’t an Alien prequel anymore. Nope. All change.

Here’s Ridley Scott’s own explanation:

While Alien was indeed the jumping off point for this project, out of the creative process evolved a new, grand mythology and universe in which this original story takes place. The keen fan will recognize strands of Alien’s DNA, so to speak, but the ideas tackled in this film are unique, large and provocative. I couldn’t be more pleased to have found the singular tale I’d been searching for, and finally return to this genre that’s so close to my heart.

“New, grand mythology and universe” and “original story” are a pretty definitive confirmation that we can now stop relating this film to the Alien series. Let’s close that book now.

Of course – maybe we could have closed it on July 28th last year. Here’s what I said at the time:

It comes completely out of left field that the upshot of [screenwriter Damon] Lindelof’s first meetings with Ridley Scott are ideas for the prequel that might see it become not an Alien prequel but something else entirely.

Of course, this change doesn’t actually make any real difference. The film’s quality isn’t in any way dependent on its franchise status.

Fox have issued an official statement today that spills any number of solid, confirmed details on the film:

  • It’s going to be called Prometheus.
  • It’s scheduled for US release on March 9th 2012.
  • Noomi Rapace has signed on to play the lead character, Elizabeth Shaw, who the press release refers to as a “young scientist”.
  • There are four more major roles to be cast.
  • Jon Spaihts wrote the original script from a concept by Ridley Scott, but Damon Lindelof’s subsequent draft took the story “in new directions.”

Deadline have gone further in saying that Angelina Jolie is now competing with Charlize Theron for the role of Vickers, the second female lead.

What can we expect from this big new idea? Damon Lindelof seems to think it will blow us away:

In a world flooded with prequels, sequels and reboots. I was incredibly struck by just how original Ridley’s vision was for this movie. It’s daring, visceral and hopefully, the last thing anyone expects. When I sat in a movie theater as a kid, feet raised off the floor for fear that something might grab my ankles, I never dreamed in my wildest imagination I would one day get to collaborate with the man responsible for it. Working alongside him has been nothing short of a dream come true.

Original, I like. Daring, I like. Visceral, I like. Scott, I like. Rapace, I like.

I like.