What’s Actually Happening In The First Spider-Man Movie Image?

I think I can explain to you what’s actually going on in the first image of our new, big-screen Spider-Man.

First of all, let’s not get too carried away in thinking we can see Lizard claw marks on his face. Maybe we can, maybe we can’t – but I think the image supports a more specific reading.

I think this is the exact moment when Spider-Man first learned that “With great power there must also come — great responsibility!” I believe that what we have here is the cinematic equivalent of the last two panels of the first ever Spider-Man story. Let’s have a look at the panels, from Amazing Fantasy 15.

It adds up. We know we’re in for a reboot that takes us back to the origins of Spider-Man, so this would be the appropriate storyline, and these panels contain all of the elements of the still – Spider-Man looking distraught, the city street, the night time. Okay – maybe not all. Andrew Garfield has a bag on his shoulder. That’s definitely not in these two frames.

Best guess is that they’ve compressed the time frame and the scene where Peter lets the robber go free and them the scene with the murder of Uncle Ben are brought closer together. Instead of taking place on separate days, they can take place on the same day, or even same few hours of night. In the comics, we definitely see Peter with his clothes in a garment bag at the time of letting the robber off, and that translates today into a backpack quite nicely.

All in all, I’m 99% sure that what we’re seeing in this image is the big finale to Peter’s origin. While I’ve got no information on where in the film this will take place, the transition from act one to act two would be a pretty sensible guess.

There’s another important something in those frames of Amazing Fantasy. See how the caption describes Spider-Man as lean? Lean. As in skinny. As in take-that-and-make-a-hat-out-of-it, Garfield haters.

Thanks to Mark Seifert for his behind-the-scenes research and sounding board duties.