The First Victim Of Scream 4 Revealed

The casting of Drew Barrymore in the role of Casey Becker for the opening scene of Scream had an interesting effect. Seeing a star cameo player go under the knife was such an appealing notion for the fans, that screenwriter Kevin Williamson’s subsequent out-of-the-gate kills have become one of the more popular, keenly anticipated, and easily identifiable, tropes of the series. When Scream 4 was announced, before even the tiniest detail of how the film would play out had been revealed, it was already expected that the picture would kick off with another “Drew” getting the chop.

Now, it seems like we know who the new Drew will be. We’re heading into SPOILER territory now, so if you clicked on this story despite not actually wanting to know who the first victim of Scream 4 will be, turn back.

Screen Junkies (with thanks to Dread Central for the tip-off) have run and interview with Lucy Hale, TV starlet and, as it happens, Scream cameo player. Despite saying that she can’t reveal anything about her role, she then goes on to spill a whole load of details.

It’s a small role, which I was very happy to play. I’m at the beginning of the movie. They literally made me sign stuff that I couldn’t say much about it but it’s very exciting. It was very exciting for me to be a part of it and meet Wes Craven who’s an absolute sweetheart. I didn’t know what to expect but it was fun.

To be a part that has a cult following, to look back at Drew Barrymore’s opening scene and be like I’m a part of this. This is unreal. It’s really cool.

Yeah, sounds like she’s up for the chop. She did also say some confusing stuff about maybe returning in another Scream, but “I’m at the beginning of the movie” pretty much drowns that out, I’d say.

I’m immensely hopeful that Scream 4 will take me back to the great time I had with the first (and to a large extent, second, and small extent, third) film. The US release date is April 15.