Bob Odenkirk And David Cross Reuniting For Annie Jenkins: A Not Very Romantic Comedy, Krysten Ritter To Star

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It’s been a good while since the success of Mr. Show, and the unsuccess of Ron Ronnie Run, and I’m about ready for a Bob Odenkirk and David Cross reunion. And – what do you know – here comes my boat, heralded in by The Wrap. They’ve been speaking to Odenkirk, and he’s told them about his current progress on a project called Annie Jenkins: A Not Very Romantic Comedy.

No cast have signed anything at the moment, though Odenkirk says he’s got an agreement from “Krysten Ritter, Rainn Wilson, Dennis Farina and longtime collaborator David Cross” to take roles in the picture. None of these parts, the story says, are the male lead who is yet to be found.

I’m assuming, then, that Krysten Ritter is to play Annie Jenkins – the role appears to have been cast, and she headed up the list.

What will make this comedy unromantic is not really known, though if Odenkirk has chosen to mention it at all, I suppose the story is likely to be based on a familiar rom-com paradigm of some kind, then upended. Let’s see what he can bring to the table that 500 Days of Summer did not.

Meanwhile, Odenkirk told The Wrap that he was still keen to realise his adaptation of Arthur Nersesian’s novel The F***-Up, a film that he’s had in mind for six years. His option on the novel has lapsed, but Odenkirk’s hope is that the new rights holders will decide to go with his well-liked script.

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