Alex De La Iglesia To Direct The Spark Of Life, Salma Hayek And Jose Mota To Star

Alex De La Iglesia's most recent film, The Last Circus or The Trumpet's Last Ballad or The Tumpet's Sad Ballad or, perhaps most properly, Balada Triste de Trompeta, is still to make its way to English speaking territories, leaving me hanging. Meanwhile, the director has appeared on the Spanish TV show, Versión Española and discussed his plans for another movie. They've posted an excerpt online, but it isn't subtitled.

Thankfully, a Little Bleeder from Spain has e-mailed to fill me in.

Filming is apparently set to start in Cartagena and Madrid during early January for the film, titled The Spark of Life. It's a drama about "a PR man in trouble". The star is to be Jose Mota, and second on the bill will be Salma Hayek. Guillermo "Willy" Toleda and Javier Gutierrez also have parts.

The screenplay has been written by Tango and Cash scribe Randy Feldman, but De La Iglesia won't reveal too many details as yet. It isn't even clear if the film will be in Spanish or English. I'm hoping, likely in vain, that it was at least written in Spanish because De La Iglesia doesn't exactly have the best track record with English language screenplays – see The Oxford Murders.