VIDEOS: Chuck Norris’ Off The Wall Czech TV Commercials

I’m amazed enough that Chuck Norris is 70 years old – I’m sure I read on the internet somewhere that he aged at a quarter of normal human speed/was 450 years old/was the fifth replicant. Add to this astonishment his new Czech advertising campaign for a mobile phone company.

I read about the ads on the Wall Street Journal site today, and went hunting for clips on YouTube. Here’s what I found, with thanks to Voldevie for the subtitles – use the CC button to turn them on or off.

According to The WSJ, Norris has “a special appeal” in the Czech Republic:

Smuggled videotapes of his 1980s films—such as The Delta Force and Firewalker – gave people a glimpse of Western entertainment as the Iron Curtain began to fray ahead of the collapse of communism here in 1989. Then, when the Czech Republic’s new, democratic government opened the airwaves to U.S.-made television shows in the 1990s, Mr. Norris’s Walker, Texas Ranger, was one the first major hits…

Really? I mean, that all sounds plausible enough but I’ve been warned off of believing in “facts” about Norris that I read online.