Terry Gilliam Shooting The Wholly Family In Naples This January

Earlier this year, I was surprised and delighted to announce the unexpected news that, by the time of me finding out about it, Terry Gilliam was already deep into the process of making a short film. In that case, the film was The Legend of Hallowdega, an energy drink tie-in to some Nascar myth that, while being very well executed, ultimately failed to live up to its director's usual standards due to a lacklustre script and wobbly central premise.

I think we're in for much better luck this time.

Terry Gilliam is, once again, about to start production on a short film. According to a patchwork of info from various Little Bleeders, the film is due to shoot in Naples from January 10th to 16th, though some filming may have taken place in the week before Christmas; it's based upon Eve Merriam's poem The Wholly Family; we can expect it to run around fifteen minutes; and Gilliam is currently casting American actors as the lead father, mother and young son characters, as well as a series of Italian supporting players with mime, ballet and circus skills.

I don't know Merriam's poem, but I do know that she also wrote Inner City Mother Goose and won plaudits for her poems for children. I'm told that her work is a perfect fit for Gilliam's sensibilities.

What on earth has led to this rush of industry on the part of Mr. Gilliam I do not wish to guess, but I'm certainly very happy to see the flow of new work coming. With the shoot scheduled to be all done within just a week or three, we could be seeing The Wholly Family by as soon as the spring. There's no indication – yet – if the film is being produced for TV, perhaps as another commercial tie-in, or for some other outlet.

More info as and when I get it.