Sylvain Chomet’s Next Film To Be Live-Action Or CG, But Not Hand Drawn Animation

After two, much-lauded cel-style, hand animated drawn features, Belleville Rendezvous and The Illusionist, it seems that Sylvain Chomet is looking to shake it up a little for his next picture. What that picture will be, he says he doesn’t know, but he’s sure it will abandon pencil draftsmanship to be either filmed in live-action or animated in CG.

The news comes from a Playlist interview with Chomet in which he constantly refers to CG animation as 3D. It’s maybe a tad confusing, but it’s obviously what he means, if you read all of his comments. This use of the terms was more commonplace before actual 3D was so widespread.

I’d be interested to see a CG toon made by Chomet; I’ve already seen his work in live-action, particularly the short film Tour Eiffel in the Paris Je T’aime anthology. Here it is now:

Chomet almost directed a CG toon before, The Tale of Desperaux, but left the project over “creative differences”. Nonetheless, he’s told The Playlist in this same interview that the character designs remained pretty close to his original concepts.