Could We Sell Comics In Grocery Stores? The Industry Discusses!

Could We Sell Comics In Grocery Stores? The Industry Discusses!

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I’ll hand this over to Christos Gage, Jamal Igle, David Gallaher and Geoff Johns on Twitter, as part of a wider discussion on the future of comics, in the light of falling print sales and an inconsistent digital solution;

Johns: Grocery stores could be a gateway to comic shops. It was for me. Anything to get people converted and come to the store!! :)

Igle: It was for me too, that’s where I bought my first Alien Legion , my first Superman and Captain America.

Gallaher: Grocery Stores were my gateway drug to comics too. The more outlets the better. Having comics at the grocery store also made me WANT to go grocery shopping with my mom every week. Bob Layton’s HERCULES at Safeway in Mount Airy, Maryland was my first grocery store comic.

Gage: I got GODZILLA and SHOGUN WARRIORS at Hodes Food City in Grafton. Never looked back.

Igle: Grocery chains still sell comics, so you need to do a line that caters to what they know. Digest with all ages(not kiddie specifically) work in grocery stores.

Go join the discussion.

I’m British, we all bought our comics in newsagents. Though there is quite a strong line of original young children’s comics and licensed superhero titles from Marvel and DC selling in British supermarkets today…

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