Trailer For Next Year’s Series Of Doctor Who (UPDATED)

Posted by December 25, 2010 Comment

This year’s Doctor Who Christmas special has just now come, gone and effortlessly leap-frogged over all that preceded it. Indeed, I’d rank it amongst the very best episodes. If you missed it, there’s always iPlayer. Well, not always – seven days or so, I believe. Then DVD, Blu-ray, and if the BBC know what they’re doing, they’ll hide it somewhere in the schedule every Christmas. It was just so… Christmassy.

If you did see it – and I’m guessing most of you did – then you’re probably already jonesing for more. Unfortunately, there’s only crumbs. Tasty crumbs, but just crumbs nonetheless, in the form of the trailer for next year’s new series.

Have to say I was surprised to see the Ood. My bet is that it’s from the final pay-off to the River Song storyline, as they were involved in the past. Sort of.

Rich updates: Note the appearance of the wannabe-TARDIS from The Lodger.

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