Lying In The Gutters - 20th December 2010

Lying In The Gutters – 20th December 2010

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Tweet Of The Night: “I’ve been laid off from Fantagraphics. Wednesday will be my last day as The Comics Journal’s newsblogger”. – Dirk Deppey.


This is the last Lying In The Gutters before Christmas Day. I’ve just posted an interview with Pat Lee. That’s my present sorted then. Okay, so what have people been reading (and not reading) this week on Bleeding Cool?

Top Twenty Posts Of The Week

1. Tron Pron. That’s what happens when the film comes out. Everybody searches for the porn version.

2. Ever more that keep searching, week after week, for Batporn. Seriously, DC publish an official version, you’ll make millions.

3. Gunman inspired by V For Vendetta.

4. Anti-Islamists Against Batman

5. First Pics From Justice League XXX – seriously, millions.

6. What If The Avengers Were Dinosaurs?

7. Contractual Changes On Creator-Owned DC Comics

8. Justice League XXX: Chanel Preston Is Wonder Woman – millions!!!

9. The Spencer Gifts Effect

10. Countdown To Marvel Announcement On December 21st

11. Playboy Does Tron

12.  There’s Another Thor Movie Coming

13. Not The Death Of Tony Stark?

14. Wham, Bam, Thank You Kara

15. Unexpected Sequels And TV Spinoffs

16. Saying Goodbye To Wildstorm

17. Saturday Runaround – Bagging Bagley

18. Swipe File: Action Comics And Casanova

19. Is This The Best Runaround Ever?

20. Who Wants To Be A DC Editor?

Top Ten You Should Have Read

1. HR Giger Comics Back To Work On Alien Prequel

2. Marriage, Kryptonian Style

3. Five Things About Stunts With Cameron Diaz’s Stunt Double

4. Rory Root, Comic Relief And How The Comic Industry Works

5. Joseph Kosiniski Interview On Tron Legacy

6. DC/Marvel Battle For Marketshare

7. Another Muppets Movie Rushes Special

8. Mark Millar No 1 On Scottish Hot List

9. First Trailer For Wim Wenders 3D

10. Bleeding I – Q&A With Eric Stephenson

And special Christmassy thanks to Adi Tantimedh, Tony Fleecs, Mayank Khurana and Aaron & Mike.

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