Welcome To The Museum Of The Weird

Posted by December 17, 2010 Comment

Back when the Disneyland attraction The Haunted Mansion was being designed, one idea was to house some of its more outlandish and surrealist elements in a restaurant annex called The Museum of the Weird – think of how The Blue Bayou sits beside Pirates of the Caribbean. It didn’t happen, but maybe it’s just a matter of time…

According to a new report in The LA Times, Ahmet Zappa has proposed to Disney that he reinvent the various unrealised designs for the museum as material for a film and then, afterwards, for the attraction itself to be built. We’re a long time away from the film, let alone the Museum itself, but if this comes off, and the box office is plump, then we could see one of the great lost Disney attractions come to life.

The image at the head of the post shows Rolly Crump, imagineer, and some of his designs for the Museum. You can read a little about it, and see some of his designs at the superb Haunted Mansion fansite, Doom Buggies. How will these little odds and bodds combine to make for a coherent film? No idea, but for now, it’s only Ahmet Zappa who needs to know.

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