Barbie Creator Gets A Comic, Hillary Clinton Gets Two

Posted by December 12, 2010 Comment

To some, she is the epitome of female independence, to others a traitor to feminism.

Could apply to either Barbie or Hillary Clinton, I suppose.

Anyway, in March, Bluewater are publishing their second biographical comic of Hillary Clinton, looking at her time after her failed bid to be the Democrat presidential nominee.

And also a biography of Ruth Handler, the toy designer who created Barbie – and a billion dollar industry.

And also named Barbie after her daughter… and Barbie’s boyfriend after her son. Yak. It’s like Luke and Leia all over again.

That’s on top of the already-announced Justin Bieber collection, the Britney Spears biography, the Adam West fictional action adventure and a superhero pararazzi comic that I swear was on my list of ideas to write.

Damn them.

Maybe I should get in on the biographical comic book lark. I mean how hard can it be? The story’s already been written for you…

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