Video: Bruce Timm Co-Creates ‘The Flaming C’ With Conan O’Brien

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Last night on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, he chatted about DC Comics characters with Peter Gerardi, the Creative Director of Warner Bros Animation.

And they discussed the lamest characters in the DC canon.

Was the creation of Green Lantern by someone who wanted to get out early for the weekend?

How in the closet is Bat Lash?

Is the Ultra The Multi Alien being a fucking mess of gravy, women’s underwear and chicken?

What’s with Captain Boomerang’s perm, mini-skirt cap… and at the mercy of wind conditions?

And does the Space Ranger get ignored by the Green Lantern?

So they decided to design a Conan superhero – on the basis that he must be better than these guys. And, following instructions, Bruce Timm did just that.

Look forward to an animated The Flaming C in days to come.

Here’s the video of the segment (and screencaps) below;

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