Valerie D'Orazio Says Hello To Comics At MTV Geek

Bleeding Cool was the first to mention that MTV Geek existed. And that it officially existed. And that it had launched. And that it had officially launched.

Now Bleeding Cool is the first to tell you that the new editor for the site is Valerie D'Orazio, who will be writing the MTV Geek Blog.

With a history working on comics retail and editorially at publishers Acclaim and DC Comics, Valerie came to fame when she wrote an online memoir, Goodbye To Comics, in which she set out the very real sexist attitudes in the industry towards women and female employees, and accusing senior DC editorial staff of both serious sexual harassment by one senior editor, and complicit action of other people at the cmpany to cover it up and silence her.

Since that publication, Valerie has seen blog Occasional Superheroine gain industry prominence and her work published by Marvel Comics and recently at a DC Comics shindig at the New York Comic Con (Zuda writer David Gallaher is her partner and invited her along), she came to a certain meeting of minds with Dan DiDio, though not before he's asked her what she was doing there, eating DC food and drinking DC drink.

What DC will make of the new appointment at MTV Geek is unknown. MTV has a large audience and wide resources, although of late the smaller MTV Splashpage from another wing of the company has made much greater inroads into audience and impact. Since its launch, MTV Geek has underperformed what might have been expected of it.

It's likely that someone like Valerie may be just the kind of person able to reverse that.

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