Woman Of Marvel

Woman Of Marvel

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Of late, Marvel Comics has made a real push to hire and promote women comic creators at the company. From Ultimate Spider-Man to Dark Wolverine to PunisherMAX to  Osborn, there are more women writing and drawing Marvel comics than ever before. Equally there are more titles with a female lead, with the company committing to keeping certain books even if the monthly sales aren’t quite there, creating a visible change in the books on the shelf.

There’s just one thing. There seems to be only just one woman. Oh her hair may change, but her figure and her breasts don’t.

Now of course we’re looking at idealised figures here. But there seems to much divergence between the men. Fat, thin, short, tall, Marvel’s main female divergence right now seems to be down to just She-Hulk being a bit muscly and Spider-Girl, over whom there had to be press announcement regarding the relatively smaller size of her breasts.

The Women Of Marvel variant covers have really made this clear. From title to title, hung up on the back wall of my local shop, it appears to be the same woman again and again. The Woman Of Marvel. And she’s stacked too.

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