Aardman And Disney Teaming Up For Counterfeit Cat

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The next sentence has the power to make heads explode: According to a job ad being handed back and forth between animators, Aardman Animation and Disney are teaming up for a new project. Okay, so not everybody’s head is going to go Full Vesuvius, but I can feel my skull throbbing with joy.

The project in question is Counterfeit Cat, a new TV series created by Aardman old-hand Andy Lavery. Here’s the plot outline I was e-mailed:

Max has been living happily as a pampered cat. He gets ejected from his home by an alien called Gort* who has disguised himself as a cat and usurped Max’s place in the house.

Apparently Aardman and Disney are looking for somebody with retro-yet-contemporary sensibilities to contribute “graphic, emotive” character designs. That’s maybe a bit confusing, so they apparently cite Ragnar and his book Got Your Nose as an example of the style they’re into for this show. Here’s the cover:

I assume Ragnar already turned the gig down?

*Gort. Of course. Again.

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