David Cronenberg Moving Forward With Cosmopolis, Paul Giamatti May Appear With Colin Farrell And Marion Cotillard

David Cronenberg has scripted and will direct an adaptation of Don De Lillo's novel Cosmopolis. The story, unravelling in the course of a single day, tells of how a billionaire loses his entire fortune during a difficult journey across Manhattan. Though the novel's lead character is only 28, Cronenberg has cast Colin Farrell in the role, and Marion Cotillard will be appearing as his wife. While there's relatively few roles that would be considered more than featured extras, The Playlist are reporting that Paul Giamatti is negotiating to take one of them on.

The novel has something of an "and then and then and then" structure, concerned more with weaving the author's ruminations around a series of most-often random encounters than plotting a thread of cause and effect with much narrative impact. It also has a quietly futurist vibe, not unlike the more recent work of William Gibson. In short, I think Cronenberg's an ideal match. He can definitely create the right tone just as well as, and I'd imagine far more readily than, anybody else.