Verity Fair #2 Kicks Off Thought Bubble Comic Con

In Leeds right now, they are entering a one day comic con, Thought Bubble, hitting well above its weight with a guest list including John Romita Jr, Becky Cloonan, Tony Harris, Kieron Gillen, Bryan Talbot, Dan Abnett, Doug Braithwaite, Dider Crisse, Ian Churchill, Paul Cornell, Paul Duffield, Adi Granov, Antony Johnston, Barry Kitcon, Jamie McKelvie, Sean Phillips, Steve Wacker, Richard Starkings, Duncan Fegredo and so many more. Here's the queue outside Saville Hall. Wish I was there.

The show is debuting the second issue of one of my favourite comics, Verity Fair from Terry Wiley. I got a copy in the post yesterday. It's mad, human, funny, layered and suggesting the kind of mad, bad, backstory that creator Terry Wiley excels at, and the teensiest of ties in with his previous Surreal School Stories-related work.

So if you;re going, hell if you;re in that queue, do make sure you pick it up. And issue one while you're at it.

There may be all sorts of bits of news that come out from the show. But one of the biggest is that next year, Thought Bubble will be a two day show. Hell, at this rate it'll get bought by Wizard.

Warren Ellis also has a quick word for you… "have a drink for me at Thought Bubble tonight, UK comics mob. In fact, have twenty." You have your instructions.

Photo by Ned Augbaya

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