Want To Work For DC? Get Your Drink On

Want To Work For DC? Get Your Drink On

Posted by November 17, 2010 Comment

McGee’s, an Irish American bar in Manhattan, famed for being one of the main inspirations for the bar in How I Met Your Mother (the other one has been turned into a bank). But it’s also one of the main comic book industry watering holes and is fast becoming the place to find out who’s in at DC Comics, and who’s out.

Naming no names, word reaches me from one drinking session last week that one assistant editor is being offered a full time editor job but has decided to make a move to Burbank to work with Geoff Johns. While another editor who has reportedly singed their bridges a little is being promoted within the larger Warner Bros organisation.

However, if you want to work for DC and you live in LA, there’s probably never been a better time as the new offices in Burbank start to set up. The new Creative Services departmant there needs a Senior Secretary and a Creative Services Coordinator, while the New York offices need an Executive Assistant for the DC Business & Legal Affairs department.

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