Satoshi Kon’s Last Film To Be Completed By Madhouse

At the time of his unfortunate, early death in August of this year, Satoshi Kon was working on a new feature film, The Dream Machine, with the animation studio Madhouse. They have now announced that they will be completing the film.

I can only imagine this will be a very difficult process for Kon’s friends and colleagues, but I’m sure also that they are fully committed to bringing his last work to audiences. It might sound a little goofy to you, but I’m feeling very grateful to them, personally, for doing this.

Animation director Yoshimi Itazu is now serving as the project’s acting director, while Toshiyuki Inoue is the new animation director. Kon’s regular collaborator Susumu Hirasawa will provide the score. Such bittwersweet news.

Hopefully The Dream Machine will be seen around the world in the coming year or so. In the meantime, catch up on Kon’s extraordinary body of work.

Thanks to ANN for the tip-off.