Wes Anderson Looking At Norton, McDormand, Murray, Swinton And Willis For Next Movie

I don't like many of Wes Anderson's films but I certainly enjoyed Bottle Rocket and actually really loved Rushmore. Every time he has a new film in the works, I hope that it might be "the one", the big surprise, the return to a less self-regarding, less strangulated style that puts effective, subtle storytelling ahead of posturing and "atmosphere". Will Moon Rise Kingdom make my wishes come true?

Deadline have a list of actors that are negotiating roles for the film, and some details on the parts they'd play.

  • Willis would play a Town Sheriff looking for a pair of elopers.
  • McDormand and Murray would play the parents of the girl who ran away. McDormand's character is having and affair with Willis'.
  • Norton would play the leader of a scout troop who leads his be-woggled* army on a search for the runaway lovers.
  • Swinton would be… in the film. Somehow. There are no details of her possible character given.

The film is set in the 60s and has a script by Anderson and Roman Copolla. The potential for obsessive compulsive production design and a soundtrack full of hipper-than-thou needle drops is actually quite frightening.

*You don't have woggles in the states, do you?