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ConWatch: Wizard World Austin is happening this weekend. Comic guests include Joe Madueira, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Grell, Michael Golden, Matthew Sturges, Mike Bullock, Cody Chamberlain, Ale Garza, Gary Friedrich, Rob Guillory, Greg Horn, Mike McKone, Alex Milne, Billy Tucci and a stack more. So who’s going?

PopWatch: Jones Soda and Dark Horse are making Emily The  Strange soda drinks. Shame there are no Nate the Great Goes Undercover drinks too.

ZagorWatch: Gallieno Ferri, creator of Italian comic Zagor, travelled to Turkey to be feted during their Zagor Night.

The night also featured a book signing as well as a concert from Italian rock musician Graziano Romani, who counts himself as one of Zagor’s hundreds of thousands of fans. Romani, who has a concept album based on Zagor called “The King of Darkwood,” performed the work live with Turkish band Aseton as his warm up act.

ScottWatch: Bryan O’Malley on how Edgar Wright Jr treated Toronto in Scott Pilgrim.

And on top of that Edgar took all of these locations and stylized them into what we called the Amelie version of Toronto. The snow is always perfect and they would try to eliminate certain branches of trees and wires to kind of clean it up. They wanted it to look more like the comic and have that kind of simplified look. So, it’s beautiful in an odd way and it is how I see Toronto.

BC ComicChron

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

‘Superheroes’ arrested in parking garage fight – StamfordAdvocate

In a fistfight involving costumed superheroes, Captain America got the best of Spider-Man — then Poison Ivy jumped into the fray.

News: deviantART Now REQUIRES Male or Female Gender

We all view deviantART as a very progressive environment in which our art can thrive and our social interactions can take place unfettered by real-world discrimination, but this move truly cuts us deep as both individuals and a community, especially since the difference for us is SO large on a personal level, but the difference to dA itself should be negligible.

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Talk Batman Live

They use words and everything.

Not THAT Scott Campbell, Still Interesting

As expected with a Scott Campbell show, the works sold out opening night, but the show didn’t end there. Campbell had issues with the way the gallery executed and handled the show, and after seeing no genuine comeback from the owner, the NYC Tattoo come fine artist took his entire sold out show to the sidewalk and lit fire to it!

YouTube – Ms. Marvel sings Superhero Rap

I’m sure Psylocke will save them from enslavement, it’s a Longshot, X-Factor in Excalibur, we were the Fantastic Four plus one more, Graydon Creed was just a mortal removed from the mix, now it’s Mr. Sinister’s Insidious Six, Polaris the pacifist…

ComicsPRO Promotes Amanda Emmert to Executive Director

ComicsPRO President Joe Field (Flying Colors Comics) has announced the promotion of Amanda Emmert (Muse Comics) to the new position of Executive Director of the organization. Emmert resigns her position on the organization’s board of directors to accept this role. The move is made in conjunction with an ongoing effort to operate the not-for-profit trade association more efficiently and will coincide with a reduction in its number of board members to seven.

Motionographer Jobs | Jobs in motion graphics, animation, visual effects, post-production, interactive design and digital filmmaking

Marvel.com at Marvel Comics is in need of an After Effects Animator/ Video Editor! The main role of this position will be to work along side other video editors and producers through all stages of the video production and post-production process to promote and expose Marvel Comics across the Universe. The preferred candidate will have a strong art/design background, extensive animation skills in Adobe After Effects and able to create graphics within Photoshop, Illustrator and related graphics applications. It is also crucial that the applicant will have working experience in Final Cut Pro Studio and have camera work skills.

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