Bruce Willis And 50 Cent Being Set Up For... Er... Set Up

Bruce Willis And 50 Cent Being Set Up For… Er… Set Up

Posted by November 7, 2010 Comment

Another project being shopped around the AFM comes from Curtis Jackson 50 Cent, and his own production imprint, Cheetah Vision. Mike Gunther has written and will direct the film about a diamond heist gone wrong.*

Apparently, the film’s cast could end up including 50 Cent, Paul Walker and Bruce Willis. I’ll give you a guarantee on Mr. Cent, and I’d expect Walker will sign on too, but Willis?

Yeah, probably. Unless a better heist gone wrong movie comes along.

*I’ve got a macro programmed that inserts “heist gone wrong” into my blog posts at the press of a single key. It’s saved me a couple of months of typing time over the years

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