Zombielanders Bringing Cowboy Ninja Viking To The Silver Screen

Zombielanders Bringing Cowboy Ninja Viking To The Silver Screen

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I haven’t read AJ Lieberman and Riley Rossmo’s comic series Cowboy Ninja Viking but I at least think I’ve got a grip on the lead character. He’s a cowboy and a ninja and a Viking, right?

I understand that Lieberman has said the comic is both exactly what you’d expect from the title while also being nothing at all like what you’d expect from the title. Okay. Maybe it isn’t only his characters that are suffering from multiple personalities and contradictory points of view.

Disney have shelled out for the rights to bring the strip to the big screen and set Zombieland‘s screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese to script the adaptation. They’ve got a lot of comics-to-film experience having already written the Deadpool and Venom scripts.

Deadline describe the Cowboy Ninja Viking premise like this:

A multiple personality disorder patient is trained to be an assassin with three different skill sets and the personalities that come with them tries to bring down the nefarious organization that made him.

Okay, so I see where Lieberman got the “exactly” from but I guess I’ll have to read the comics to see what the “nothing at all” bit was about. I must admit he’s gotten me intrigued.

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