Kung Fu Panda Man Lines Up Mind Boggling Array Of Projects

Kung Fu Panda Man Lines Up Mind Boggling Array Of Projects

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A little while ago, Kung Fu Panda co-director John Stevenson was working on bringing Grant Morrison’s We3 to cinemas. Now, however, he’s stepped away from “the greatest unproduced script in Hollywood” and has racked up an amazing array of rather here, there and everywhere projects to take its place.

Variety report that Stevenson has set up “a producing/directing pact” with the financiers at Vanguard Films. Here’s a list of what they already have on their slate:

  • Alien Rock Band – Stevenson’s first directing gig under the deal, co-produced by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. Blending live action and CG, the film will tell of some garage band rockers from Earth taking part in an intergalactic Battle of the Bands. I think it could really use a new title. The film’s official site is heavy with concept art and promo images (see a sample above), and a list of musicians that they call “celebrity cameos” – everyone from Eminem to Katy Perry. Weirdest bit? The video of a teenage girl singing a song.
  • Rotten Island – Another picture that Stevenson will direct himself, this time in full CG. Based upon William Steig’s book of the same name, it tells of an island populated with uncouth and dirty creatures who find their filthy world upended when a beautiful flower mysteriously breaks through the filth. The book was something of an environmentalist parable.
  • Buzby – A romcom about fruit flies. Described as “high speed” – presumably because the life span of a fruit fly is so blessed short. Jason Mayland has written the screenplay and Phil Robinson will direct.
  • City of Dragons -A live action martial arts picture set in Shanghai. When Variety say this film features supernatural elements, I’m assuming there will be some big fire-breathing lizards turning up. Space Chimps perpetrator Rob Moreland has written the script.
  • Atomic Circus – A post-apocalyptic* con man caper, filmed in live action. Athen Gam is the screenwriter. I’ve managed to dig up an old draft of Alien Rock Band called Alien Band: Rock the Cosmos that she has written, and I should sit down and read it…

And even after all of that I just find my mind wandering back to We3 and wondering about what is happening with that picture now.

*They mean apocalyptic, not post-apocalyptic. After an apocalypse there would be no con men left, nor any men of any kind. It’s a commonly misused term.

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