Misfits Day: No Heroics Airs In The USA

Misfits Day: No Heroics Airs In The USA

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It’s not even Misfits. I don’t care. But No Heroics, a six part superhero sitcom starts in the US this week. Originally airing a a couple of years ago on ITV2 in the UK, it was very much an Office/Pulling/Nathan Barley take on superheroes, and one that seems to have been rather influential on the first issue of Knight & Squire. Basically the pub where supervillains and superheroes hang out in their off hours, replicating the various media watering holes of Soho, London.

I really liked it. I mean, it’s no Misfits, but nothing is. And the writer/producer of the show, Drew Pearce is the chap writing the screenplay to Marvel’s Runaways. Which is, Nikki Finke aside, still on the slate.

There was a planned US version for NBC but it never made it to air. Which presumably clears the way for this US screening.

Here’s what I wrote at the time. And here’s a trailer;

No Heroics airs on DirecTV at 9pm … um… oh it seemed to have aired yesterday. You’ll probably still be able to catch it. Somehow. I wish someone would have told me before.

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