Misfits Day: The Wall

At the beginning of the first episode of the second series of Misfits, we see the masked stranger standing in a room filled with photographs and digital clocks. Before setting off on a parkour mission to deliver a very important message by paper aeroplane. How is he do precise? How does he know where to be? What needs doing? Is he some kind of time travelling savant?

E4 have recreated the wall on the Misfits site and filled it with easter eggs. A different section for each upcoming episode.

This includes exclusive video content of Nathan in his grave, trying to break out, fighting flies, trying to get comfy, and missing biscuits.

There’s surveillance footage of the mysterious masked individual, going by the name @superhoodie on Twitter – along with links to the Misfits characters own Facebook pages and twitter feeds, the latter of which will run live alongside the original broadcast of the show, as if they are tweeting as they go.

And there’s a game to play as a fly, annoying the hell out of Nathan in his grave. Which I must say I enjoyed immensely. Why not play along?

Misfits series two starts on Thursday 11th November at 10pm on E4 in the UK. And in the US whenever the illegal torrent is available. For exclusive content visit www.e4.com/misfits. You can quite legitimately buy the original series on DVD here. And you really really should, you know.

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