Meet Walter, The New Muppet From The New Muppet Movie

Meet Walter, The New Muppet From The New Muppet Movie

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There’s a new Muppet in James Bobin’s new Muppet movie. His name is Walter, and he’s a little brown fella. That’s him up above.

Walter is the best friend of Gary, the Jason Segal character and they live together in “classic American small town… something straight out of Pleasantville“. The film’s story involves their pilgrimage to the Muppet Studios in LA, and what part they play in helping the Muppets get back together.

I’m pleased to meet you, Walter.

Rumours are that Michael Cera will be providing Walter’s voice. How does that sit with his fuzzy felt face, do you think? I can see it. Hear it. See and hear it. Something.

The image comes from a scan carried out by the Muppet fan blog Tough Pigs. To see the full image and read more about the project, you might wish to buy the current issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Incidentally, the film’s current working title is The Muppets. Sounds perfect – stick with it.

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