Wednesday Runaround

Wednesday Runaround

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ConspiracyWatch: With the release of Absolute All Star Superman, the Leo Quintum Is Lex Luthor Theory starts to do the rounds again.

CrashWatch: The Great Comic Con Crash Of 2010 hits the international press.

MiracleWatch: The official announcement of the new publication of the graphic novel Miracleman. I’m sorry, Miracle Man. About an assassinated rabbi. So, who will dare sue for trademark infringement, Marvel or Todd?

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Did FarmVille get a nastygram from DC Comics?

The most obvious reason for these costumes being removed (while all other costumes are still available for purchase) is that Zynga received a knock on their door from DC Comics, who own the rights to Superman. Whether it was a phone call slap on the wrist or an actual Cease and Desist letter, we’re not sure. In fact, it could have been unrelated to DC Comics at all. However, something fishy is definitely going on. It’s unlike Zynga to take away items from players, remove them from the game entirely, and give out refunds.

James Sime, Isotope comic lounge celebrate niche

“I had all these ideas. Why aren’t these comic book stores more like these bars or restaurants I work at? Why aren’t they like swanky lounges?” Sime says. “Why are they just little places to pick up stuff and leave? That’s not what I think a comic store should be.”

Jon Favreau: Summer 2011 will be a ‘blood bath’ for Hollywood

Jon Favreau has seen Hollywood’s future — at least as far as summer 2011 – and it looks a lot like “Saving Private Ryan.” “It’s Omaha Beach, it’s going to be a blood bath,” the filmmaker said Friday about next year’s crush of big special-effects films, remakes and sequels.  “There’s never been a summer like this next summer. It’s going to be bloody [for filmmakers and the studios]. As we were sticking thumb tacks in a calendar we realized that this is going to be looked back upon as Omaha Beach.”

Morrison Discusses BATMAN VS. ROBIN – THE COVERS

As before, the cover ideas began in my notebook. For this one, I wanted a kind of Egyptian Pharaoh/Tutankhamen take on the remains of Batman. By the time I’d decided he’d look really good standing up in a sarcophagus-shaped alcove, it was too late to explain exactly how a dead body was supposed to stand upright. Obviously anti-gravity or sturdy hooks were involved.

Video – WIS News 10 – Columbia, South Carolina

Alvin Greene shows off his comic book after losing Senate bid.

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