Ultimate Thor #2 – Week-Before-Day-And-Date

Posted by November 3, 2010 Comment

The first issue of Ultimate Thor was made available digitally by Marvel on the same day the print version shipped in the US (and the day before it shipped in the UK).

This is the way it was going to be with Ultimate Thor. Day-and-date as the Americans say.

But the second week came up with a novel twist. It was (briefly) available on the Marvel Apple App a whole week before it is due to ship to comic shops.

However it has now been removed. And people who bought copies appear to have had their issue deleted.

For the brief time it was available, the panel-tracking feature hadn’t been set up, so iPhone users had to zoom into panels manually. It does have all the hallmarks of a glitch…

Marvel have been busy with their moving offices of late. Which includes moving all their computer stuff. It’s possible that something like this may have got lost in the mix.

So… who got a copy? And was it any good?

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