James Franco To Replace Matt Damon As Bourne Franchise Lead? Probably Not, But...

James Franco To Replace Matt Damon As Bourne Franchise Lead? Probably Not, But…

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Film blogging is in an era of  vague non-stories and day-in, day-out, sites and webmasters around the world are spending a lot of time and energy, and readers are spending a lot of clicks and interest, on what has no more weight or permanence than smoke.

Every day there seems to be a new hot list of actors or directors delivered, the talent who comprise a studio’s wish list for some project or another, and in many cases, the actors and directors won’t have even been approached by the time this list has made it online.

My personal feelings on this trend are pretty straightforward: these aren’t news pieces, but they’re gossip. And that’s fine – I don’t think gossip is a bad thing, and I certainly believe it has a place on film blogs. But, really, I sincerely hope that people start treating these little rumours and wishlists for what they are.

I overheard somebody just this lunch time talking about how Johnny Depp was going to star in a new Snow White movie. Now, that’s very possibly his misunderstanding, or it may have been a bungle on the part of whoever told him or wherever he read it, but Depp is in no way guaranteed for the Snow White and the Huntsman role than Rich Johnston is.

I like these possibilities, and I like discussing them, but I’m not sure if the readers do. Not yet. I think the typical expectation of a reader visiting a blog, such as this one or any other in this vein, is still that they’re being delivered news, something that will last for more than a day or two. I think this will have to change, thanks to Deadline, Vulture, The Wrap and co. all racing to publish the first word on a project. As the information being leaked comes from earlier and earlier in the process more and more often, and more and more hearsay and conjecture become mixed into the discussion, I think we’ll all just adjust and admit what’s really going on.

We’re every one of us gossiping like cartoon housewives over the garden fence. For fun. Because it is fun.

All of which leads me to this excerpt from Showbiz 411:

Hmmm…Is director Tony Gilroy thinking of James Franco for the newly reborn Bourne movie he’s directing (and co-writing with brother Dan Gilroy)?

Tony, director of Michael Clayton and Duplicity, was being cagey last night at the premiere of Danny Boyle’s amazing and wonderful 127 Hours, in which Franco gives a certain to be Oscar nominated performance. Gilroy–who said he loved The King’s Speech, which he’s recently seen– was thrilled to meet both Franco and Boyle. But when pressed about who might play Jason Bourne now that Matt Damon (and director Paul Greengrass) are out, Gilroy buttoned up fast.

“I can’t give away all my secrets!” he declared. Still, seeing Franco in 127 Hours seemed to be his goal, and he was pretty impressed.

Did you spot that the journalist, Roger Friedman (the Wolverine pirate) asked who might play Jason Bourne? Has he not been paying attention?

I don’t think Friedman’s article has quite crossed the line into being unacceptable – ie. made up – but there’s precisely nothing in it other than one man noting that another man went to see a third man in a film and that Man 2 might, possibly, by some remote chance have done so because he’s checking out Man 3 for a part in a film.

So am I expecting James Franco to be in the next Bourne -series movie? No, I’m not expecting it. Of course not.

Do take heed of the following, published on the bottom of our every page:

This site is full of news, gossip and rumour. You are invited to use your discretion and intelligence when discerning which is which. BleedingCool.com cannot be held responsible for falling educational standards. Bleeding Cool is neither fair nor balanced, but it is quite fun.

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