New TRON: Legacy Clip Actually Features Nuanced Acting, New Poster Comes In Pieces

Posted by November 2, 2010 Comment

This is more like it. The latest clip from TRON: Legacy is from the scene in the TRON Night preview that threatened to convince me that this film could have plenty in it for… well, for people who like character and drama in amongst all of the neon-tinted clash and fray.

I’ll warn you, though, that even though this scene will come in the first half of the film, you might still consider it a little bit of a spoiler.

Who doesn’t love Jeff Bridges?

By the way, the image at the head of the post is a slice of a poster being unveiled in sections by Empire, the new online kings of the slow reveal. Bloody rationing fetishists. I’ll take away their Mars bars and replace them with powdered egg if they keep this up.

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