Trailer For Cannibal Movie We Are What We Are

Trailer For Cannibal Movie We Are What We Are

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The Times have claimed that We Are What We Are “does for cannibals what Let the Right One In did for Vampires”. I saw the film at Frightfest this year (how I love Frightfest) and I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely convinced.

There were strong elements. There were weak elements. In the final evaluation, however, I think that had We Are What We Are been a chain and not a movie, a few links would have snapped pretty much simultaneously. Of course, not everybody at the festival agreed, and some of them considered it one of the better pictures on the program. It was certainly one of the most off-mainstream.

This following trailer plays a couple of nasty tricks on you, but I expect you’ll see right through them.

I’m okay for there to be English language voice over on trailers for non-English language films but when it tries to camouflage itself as part of the movie, not part of the trailer, I think it borders on xenophobia by complicity. Did you see a single subtitle or hear a single non-English word spoken in this trailer for a Mexican film? In case you hadn’t noticed, the gun play and near-exposed nipples are a bit of bait and switch too. This isn’t a tit-tit-bang-bang kind of picture.

Why pander to an audience that will only want to walk out of your film? I just don’t get it. Why not sell your film as what it is, to an audience who will want that thing?

I’ll admit that the poster at the head of the page is rather more accurate, but I still wouldn’t call it honest.

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