The Comic-Con Crash Of 2010 - When Will Registration Open Again?

The Comic-Con Crash Of 2010 – When Will Registration Open Again?

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Today was the day that “Memberships” for the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con went on sale. Unfortunately, only a “handful” were sold before the server went Mount Doom and the plug was pulled. I’d love to hear from anybody who was lucky enough to make a booking. Especially if I can make them paranoid enough that their booking might not now “count” and they’ll have to go through it all again next time.

Yes – “next time”. The latest is that there’s a definite date when a definite date for registration will be given. Next Monday we’ll be told when registration will be open again. In the meantime, I imagine the organisers will be taking bids from outside companies offering either to act as sales agents or to bolster the company’s own servers. Get your bids in – there’s money to be made here.

Here’s the official statement:

We are really sorry for the problems with registration today. We do not know what the technical issues are, so we have temporarily closed registration.

We will announce on Monday, November 8th, the new date and time that registration will reopen. This down-time will allow us to determine and address the issues.

Only a handful of badges were actually sold today.

Thank you for your patience, and again, we all are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

And now, here are some reactions from Twitter:

plannedaccident: You know what I think? @Comic_Con should give all of an exclusive pre-registration invite to #SDCC as an apology to those who tried to reg.

binkxy: @Comic_Con the only guests I’m interested in right now are the ones to fix your ticket servers #sdcc #sdccfail

Crazy4ComicCon: Buying Comic Con tickets today: “It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…” #SDCC

UnclePappyWolf: #SDCC I feel a Romulan Ale Party formin 2 protest this outrageous RegistrationProblem!Let’s all rally @ the Hall of Justice Reflecting Pool

wiktorwiktor: I don’t really understand how the ticket sales for #sdcc failed so much. It gets worse every year, I’d think they’d be prepared!

kristal_bailey: so annoying though. talk about fail. #SDCC

RevancheGS: My #sdcc reg outrage is purely philosophical. I has my tickets.

redsonja1313: @cheerful_earl & what to do w/all this #sdcc angst..its like spending all day getting to the end of bioshock then getting red rings of death

Angelized_1st: LMAO at all the tweets about #SDCC! #FAIL

nhousey: That is BS!!! #SDCC I wont be at a computer next Monday to get my tickets :( I rearranged my schedule today so I could buy them. WTF

CompanyManComic: I’m still a little miffed about the #SDCC and the server crashing. Now I hear it’s those damn #Twilight fans, you #TwiHards can eat a dick!

saintocamus: comic-con should sale tickets for hall H seperatly that way we could get or tickets and not having to deal with TWILIGHT #SDCC

RobPattzNews: Here we go..blame Twilight fans 4 #SDCC meltdown. Gonna be there 4 the next 2yrs whether U like it or not. Get used to it.

MeganSleevwillo: I am drink Cheetos and sobbing in the fetal position under my desk because of the #SDCC #FAIL.

And finally, a video of the moment that the servers went down:

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